5 Reasons Why YOU Should Be A Photographer 

There are about a bazillion reasons why, but I've compiled 5 really fantastic ones for your reading enjoyment.

Now, why would I bother taking the time to write this gigantic list?Well, perhaps you're just curious about photography, but aren't positive if you ought to really dive into it. Fair warning, these motives will totally convince you that photography is an amazing ability to develop. I am sure of it.

Or perhaps you're into photography already. This listing remains for you!

Once you read all these reasons you will probably be even more inspired by this medium, and be itching to get out and shoot more!

Who knows, maybe you'll find an idea or two for a new photo project!

Here is the deal:

I think everybody should get into photography. (Yes, everyone).

You do not ever need to do it professionally.

That's not what being a photographer way (you may read more about our thoughts on that here).

Being a photographer just means you love photography. And hopefully after reading all this, you will observe that it can provide you more than you ever imagined.

1 last note before we jump in...

These motives are not all just made up off the top of the mind.

We really simply wrapped up a giveaway, and asked the question"What first got you interested in photography?" .

With 250 answers we could get an wonderful peek at what makes photography so special for many folks. We read all the responses, took notes, and pulled from the common topics. That is what makes up this list!

So credit for all these awesome motives goes to our fantastic readers. Thanks for sharing so openly everybody. You rock.

Having a photo you can catch a moment, and have it eternally. I think we take that idea for granted, with photography being so ubiquitous nowadays.

But seriously take a second to love this. If you did that in Ancient Greece they'd call you a sorcerer. Or a god.

Photography changes how you see things.

It is actually quite an incredible transformation to encounter. Suddenly you notice mild, shapes, colours, textures, folks, bulidings, trees, flowers...Everything around you looks different once you begin to see the world as a photographer.

Each day is filled with it--in the most ordinary or unexpected places.

When you start to derive pleasure from seeing some especially awesome light, you will realize that photography has shifted your everyday experience.

And to round out this motif, photography, through it's ability that will assist you see details and see the beauty around you, helps you to genuinely live in the present.

When you take you've got to know about what if you would like to catch it.

You can't be considering the movie you saw last night, or exactly what you're likely to have for supper.

5.Photography is something you get immersed in (see above!) . You end up in shooting, and all of your worries and daily anxieties just melt off.